Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Changes take place in our daily life.
I hate it when it come to relationship.
Like, friendship.

I've been the one who initiates conversations and outings,
most of the time.
It get tired when they turn me down almost every single time.
Maybe what you give is really not what you will get.
Sometimes, I really do hope people treat me the same like how I treated them.
Now that they are free, I do hope they remember to call me out for,
maybe a cup of coffee?..
I'm still waiting though..
Friendship don't last when you are the only one who is keep holding on.
I guess, I will rather let it fade.
Since they are not willing to put effort on holding the bond,
why must I ?..
Maybe I am just getting frustrated,
but at the same time, I found out a few friends,
who approach me first for random meet ups.

Its easier to say than do. I understand that.
But I'll remember what I said, and keep my promise.
If you cant keep it, then don't say it out loud at the first place.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Crossroad. Here I am

My result was out on the 15th July. Passed all of them.
And also free from university life for, forever.
Was really excited at the moment, even cried.
Was so relieved that it was the last semester. No more extension.
The longer you stay at the same environment, the more demotivated you are.
At least, that is what I learned from these 3 months.

Take up another casual work in university, just to kill time,
relax myself and also to get some extra earning for my graduation trip.
People starts to ask me if I have apply any job.
For God sake, i'm only free for like few weeks,
and they expect me to step into the working society.

I need to breathe. And i'm still not ready for it.
Was keep telling myself that the new chapter will begin after my trip.
So, for now, I'll just try my best to enjoy my free time.
And maybe look up for some job of interest.

Whats wrong with working in a field totally different with what you had studied ?
The elders are a little over reacted about it.
They even expect me to treat them luxurious meal and other stuff.
How do I do that if I'm gonna stay with the expected job which come with a low salary?
So, leave me with my own choice.
At least, that will be what I want, and I will bear with the consequences.